With over 1.200 museums the Netherlands is one of the countries with the highest museum density of the world. In and around Amsterdam and in all other regions the country offers a huge variety of outstanding museums on almost every topic. Tiny museums, big museums, museums in castles and manors, in old industrial buildings, new designed buildings, old windmills… Themes range from classical and contemporary art to nature end environment, science, crafts, national and regional history, navigation and fishery, non-Western cultures, military history, law enforcement, politics, physics, industrial history, etc.

PAUKA TOURS is established by people with a background in the Dutch museum field. And we know every corner of the country. We can advise you where to go, with or without us. Just tell us what your field or interest is and we will give you museum advise and if you like, help you to get there, suggest what else you can do in the surroundings of the museum(s), where to stay and eat, etc.