On the average museum visitors look at displayed artworks for 28 seconds. That is including the reading of wall labels! We experienced that taking time to look at an artwork, makes you notice more and  have a more fulfilling art experience. In this tour, one of our arts historians brings you to a quite place in the museum where she/he will guide you in mindful looking at art. By answering  questions about what you see and think, your art observation becomes a personal experience. The point of reference  is not the guide, but you.Your observations and your associations with the artwork are the starting point from which you will slowly learn more about the object. 

This tour is a relief in a hectic era, encouraging inner peace, inspiration and sincere attention. We go beyond our judgement of art, or our opinions on art. As everybody sees different things in artworks, this is a very nice way to become acquainted with surprising personal ideas of your partner, relative or friend.

DURATION: appr. one hour